The terms and conditions described in this policy apply to all products from our online in Greece, via the internet at . Returns, changes, cancellations that do not meet our terms and conditions will not be accepted.


You  have  the  right  to  return   to  us  jewelry  non – defective  product you  bought  and  the  return  will be  accepted,  if  you  return  it  within  fourteen (14)  calendar  days  from  the  date  of  receipt,  at  your  own  expense. The  jewelry  – product  you  wish  to  return  should  be  well  packaged  and  its  packaging,  along  with  the  accompanying  documents,  such  as the  retail  receipt  or  invoice,  warranty  etc.  having   been  worn only for  rehearsal  and  not  use,  if  it  is  about  jewelry  and  also the  situation  delivered  to  you  so  that  they  are  not  damaged  during  the  transport  because  they  are  your  responsibility   until   they  reach  our  headquarters. It  is  advisable  to  check the  package  and  its  contents   upon  receipt  and  in  case  it  is  damaged ,  please  inform  the  transport  company  immediately  so  that  they  can  take  responsibility.  Jewelry  that  is    returned  and  does  not  meet  the  above  terms  and  conditions  of  return  of  products     are  not  accepted. In  any  case,  however,  you  will  be  charged  with  the  costs  of  the  initial  shipment  and  return  of  the  product. The  return  of  the products will  take  place at our  headquarters  in Thessaloniki,  at  78 Mitropoleos  street,  P.C. 546 22, Thessaloniki,  Greece.

In  case  of  return  of  a  non-defective  product and  its  non-replacement  with  another  one,  the  company,  after  receiving  and  checking  the  returned  product  and  fulfilling  all  the  conditions, will  start  the  money  back  process  within twenty (20) days of  its  transfer  to the    customer’s bank ,  simply  indicating  the  IBAN   of  your account  and  the  name  of the  beneficiary,  as  stated  in  the  booklet.  For  security  reasons, the  beneficiary of  the  account  must  be  the  same  person  who appears  on  the  purchase  receipt  for  the  returned  product.   From  the  amount  that  will  be  deposited   in  your  account,  the  costs  of  the  initial  shipment  of  your  order  will  be  deducted.  We inform you that  there are  no  refunds  from  our  physical   store.  For  product  returns  contact  us  first,  at  +30-2310-262009  or  send  us  an email  to


You  also  have  the  option  to  change  non- defective  product – jewelry  within  fourteen (14) calendar days  of  receipt  by  sending  back  the  product – jewelry  at  your  expense.  You  can  then  place  new  orders   within  fourteen  (14)  calendar  days with  any  other  piece  of  jewelry  of  your  choice   and         of  value  equal  the    first  or  larger  loas  by  paying  the  difference,  stating  that  it  is  a  change  and    the  number  will  be  indicated (code)  of  the  original  order. The  execution  of  the  new order will  take  place  after  we  have   received,  checked  the  product   you  returned and  fulfilled   all  the  conditions. In any  case,  however,  you  will  be  charged   with  the  return  and  shipping  costs  of  the  product that  was  replaced.  The  change  will  take  place  at  our  headquarters  in Thessaloniki,  at  78  Mitropoleos  str.,  PC  546 22,  Thessaloniki,  Greece. For  product  changes,  contact  us  first  at  +30  2310  262009  or     send  an  email  to

The right  of  withdrawal  and  consequently  of  return/exchange/replacement  of  products  may  not  be  exercised   for  goods  manufactured  or  processed  in accordance  with  the  specific  specifications  of  the  customer   or  clearly  personalized   for  the  specific  customer,     such  us  wedding  rings,  which  are  manufactured  exclusively  for  you (for  example  engraving  by    your  order,  guidance   and  agreement).  If  more  items   have  been  sold  and  only  a  few    are  faulty  or  defective  or  do  not   have  the  agreed  characteristics,  the  right  of  return  /change/replacement  or  withdrawal   is  limited  to  them  only.

Products on offer are changed  only  with  products  on  offer, while  seasonal  products,  such  as  Easter  and  Christmas  items, are changed  only   with  products  of  the  same  category.  No  return  can  be  made  on  the  product  that  is  sent  as  a  gift.  However  you  can  exchange  it  with  any other  product  of  your  choice  of  equivalent  value  or  greater  by   paying  a  monetary  difference  that  may  arise. With regard  to  brand  products, such  as  watches  etc.  the respective  dealers  are  responsible  for  any  damage.

The charge for transporting your products depends on the postal code of your area and the weight of the goods. If your order is shipped to a destination within the EU, all taxes (VAT) will be refunded. If your order is shipped to a destination outside the EU, duties and taxes cannot be refunded. In any case you can recover these costs by contacting the local customs directly. As this option may not be available an all countries, we recommend that you use a customs broker if you want a refund of the customs duties on the returned Products.

Our company “V.Basioudis – V.Vildiridi & SIA OE, does not bear any responsibility in case of loss or destruction of the product during the transfer of the return.

Except for the rights provided by the return policy, all rights applicable to costumers under the applicable provisions and laws relating to the contract of sale are recognized in each case, as well as any rights that arise in relation to the warranty terms of the products.


Our company with its above policy facilitates its customers in the selection of products through the e-shop, however if fixed return behavior of products is found (during the unjustified judgment of the Company) by specific customers, the Company has the right to exclude specific customer/user from the e-shop or refuse any subsequent transaction.


You have  the  right  to  cancel  the  order  of  your products  within  twelve  (12)  hours  of  its  realization, either by calling us  to +30-2310-262009  or  by email  to

The cancellation of the order can be done at any time the users wishes until the registration of his data in the respective payment pages of the bank. If the procedure is completed and the user wishes to cancel it, your immediate contact with the Company is required. Depending on the stage at which the order is located, the user will be informed about the cancellation process and any costs (e.g. shipping, if it has already been done). Please note that in case of cancellation and depending on the stage of the order, it is possible for shipping costs to apply, even if due to the amount of the canceled order no costs were provided.


At each sale the COMPANY is obliged to deliver to the consumer the goods with the agreed properties and without fatal defects, according to articles 534 et. seq. of the Civil Code. Resignation of the consumer after his protection before the appearance of the defect or the lack of agreed property is invalid.

The COMPANY is liable for its fault if the thing, at the time the risks passes to the buyer, has real defects or lacks the agreed properties, unless the buyer at the time of concluding the contract knew that the thing does not comply with the contract or non-compliance is due to materials provided by the buyer.

In cases of liability of the COMPANY for the actual defect or for lack of contracted property, the buyer is entitled at his choice : 1. To demand, without prejudice, the replacement of the thing with another, unless such an action is impossible or requires disproportionate costs. 2. To reduce the price. 3. To withdraw from the contract, unless it is a minor actual defect. The COMPANY must carry out the replacement in a reasonable time and without significant inconvenience to the buyer. The above rights do not apply if the defect has been caused by the use of the User/Customer or for reasons of force majeure.

The claims of the consumer/buyer due to a real defect or contracted property are barred after two (2) years.

In  case  you  have  received  a  defective  product,  you  must inform  us  in  writing  via e-mail  at ,  stating  which  of  the  above  rights  is exercised. To avoid  inconvenience, it is  good  to  carefully  check at  the time    of  delivery of  the  order,  the  condition  of  the  products sold  and  the intactness  of  their  packaging,  in  order  to  identify  any  obvious  defects.   In   case  a  defect   is  found, communication   with our  online  store  must follow immediately  after delivery. Within fourteen (14)  calendar  days  from  the  above written     statement,  you  must  send the  product  in  the  same  way  as  you received  it  to the  headquarters  of  our  company. The  product must be  returned  accompanied  by  all  the  necessary  legal  documents  and  the  receipt.

If it is found that the defect was caused by your fault or misuse or for reasons not related to its manufacture, then you are informed by our company, and the product is returned to you, with the charge of the corresponding return cost.

CUSTOMER/USER OBLIGATIONS Customers/users  are  solely  responsible   for  the  selection  of  the  product  and  its  suitability for  the  user’s   purposes  and  telephone  and  postage costs  for  his  communication  with  the COMPANY, if  any.